Aldarion in 2016

Happy Christmas to all our friends, crew, family who take an interest in Aldarion’s sailing plans.

In 2016 we plan a baltic cruise. We are all quite busy until July, so it will be a late-ish start in July, and taking most or all of August, and probably some of September as well. Anyhow the summers here seem to be getting later! We will not sail to a schedule this time, but hope to sail to south and eastern Sweden via Copenhagen and Bornholm, and up to Stockholm area before crossing to the Alund islands and Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, and hopefully back to Gotland and perhaps home via the Gota canal and Swedish lakes if weather and time allows.

Some nice friends and family have signed up already, but there is still some space aboard, especially for the return trip!

Meanwhile, for those of you who also followed Charlotte Wilkinson’s sail to and through Russia clockwise in 2015, Charlotte and I will do a ‘double act’ talk on sailing around (and to and from) Russia, clockwise or anticlockwise at the Cruising Association, London on the evening of Friday March 4th. This will be interesting for those planning to do the circuit in future.

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