Charlotte Wilkinson in ‘Pouncer’

On the road to Narvik at the end of May this year. Photo by Charlotte Wilkinson

On the road to Narvik at the end of May this year. Photo by Charlotte Wilkinson

Charlotte Wilkinson is an experienced sailor who has a transatlantic voyage as well as many Baltic’s including a pioneering sail to Russia a few years ago (reported in an article in the CA magazine). She now lives in Umeo, Sweden and sails the Holman-designed 28ft Twister, known to be a fine long keeled long-distance sailing ship.

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This year she took her boat by truck over to Narvik in N Norway and launched it there on 1 June. By June 12th they were waiting out a gale in Tromso. Last night, the Swedish mid-summers eve, they rounded North Cape in Norway in light northerly winds. The next leg – to Arkhangelsk in the White Sea is perhaps the most challenging of their planned sail through Russia in clockwise direction because it means facing the probable easterlies of the Barents sea for a week or so, and then entering the White Sea via the ‘throat’, which can be a wild spot at any time of the year.

Charlotte is also a member of the Cruising Association, and now a good friend of ours. We are in regular touch, and wish her a safe and enjoyable voyage!

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  2. I had a new message from Charlotte yesterday. She was then in Gamvick, south east of North Cape and about 25nm north of Berlavag, where she was hoping to be today. She says it now feels lieke ‘a totally yacht free zone’ – a feeling we also remember well when in that area last year! ‘Cool and Crazy’ afficionados will remember that Berlevag was the site of the male voice choir who were stars of the movie, and who travelled to Murmansk by bus in order to sing there.

  3. Charlotte arrived safely in Arkhangelsk yesterday, having had a good sail in the Barents Sea from Varde in Finnmark, Norway. She said they had a great welcome, with the coastguard escorting them from the first fairway buoy in the White sea, which still leaves a long distance through the delta and up the river to the Northern Yacht Club in Arkhangelsk (which was started pre-revolution as I remember). That is the toughest part of the sail over, and we are all very happy about it!

  4. Charlotte has texted that she safely exited Russia in Kronstad outside St Petersburg and arrived safe and sound in Haapisaari, Finland after a tough sail into headwinds. Charlotte was a few days late because of storms in Lake Ladoga, and had to pay a fine to extend their visas, which is normal. So both of us experienced that one month is actually rather tight for entering, passing through, and exiting Russia in a sailing boat, and future sailors on this route should be aware of this.

  5. I am sorry to be late with this, but Charlotte arrived safely home in Umeo to be greeted by a celebration party. She also got coverage in the local newspaper. She and I plan to do something together for the Cruising Association in London next February.

  6. Charlotte and I gave a joint presentation at the Cruising Association, London, on friday March 4th. It was organised by Graham and Fay Cattell, the Baltic Section organisers. The talk was ‘Sailing to (and through) Russia – Clockwise or Anticlockwise, and it was very well attended. Thanks to all concerned.

  7. Ned Wills says:

    Hello. I am looking to track down Charlotte. My brothers and I leant to sail with our grandfather on Pouncer out of Dartmouth in the 80’s and we’d love to be in touch. Anyone who could help, we’d be very grateful.
    All best.

  8. John Marshall Bryden says:

    Yes Ned, Pouncer was still in good shape when i last saw her in Umeo. But Charlotte’s man Svarte is about 6ft 3″ tall and has to sleep with his head in the heads so to say! I think they will soon look for a bigger boat! Glad you found her. John

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