Some previous voyages

Aldarion Cruises in Summer 2013.

Sunday 14th July

A nice fast sail in W or NW 6 from Skive to NIBE. 8.5 hours, 26nm. John and Karen aboard. A good welcome from Lasse and Birthe in Nibe, who came aboard.

Monday 15th July.

Another fast sail in a W 5-6 to Aalborg, where we collected young Lasse at the town wharf or promenade between the bridges. Continued sailing to Hals, mooring alongside Ballintuim (Chichester), third out. 29nm, 6.5 hours.

Tuesday 16th July.

A nice west wind, F4-5 rising 6. Sail from Hals to Laeso, 6.5 hours, 38nm. A nice afternoon and evening with Marianna and Borre who join the crew early 27th July. In the evening we all cycle to M&Bs summer house for dinner, and then repair to the micro-brewery where there was good local folk singing.

Wednesday 17th July.

Laeso to Goteborg, Sweden. Rather light winds in the morning, but stronger in the afternoon. 9 hours, average 4kts, or 36nm. Overnight at Langedrag marina which has good facilities. Fine sunny weather.

Thursday 18th July

Goteborg to Lilla Edet. Lasse leaves the boat at Gotborg, where we moor temporarily against the south wall at the Opera one hour after leaving the marina, and do some shopping. Continue at 1240 and sail/motor up the river Alv to Lilla Edet where we moor alongside a very nice old wooden sailing boat from Fune and a Canadian boat from Quebec with a friendly couple aboard at . We noted that the marina is not where it is shown on the chart, but immediately after the lock on the stbd hand. Very limited facilities! But fine sunny warm weather. 8.33 hours, approx. 38nm.

Friday 19th July

We took one hour 45 mins to reach the bottom of the Trollhatten locks and were able to enter immediately, to our pleasant surprise.  It took 1 hour 15 mins to ascend the deep locks, and we were moored at the top of the locks by 1200. We visited the museum and ate shrimps at the nearby café, as well as looking at the two older sets of locks, and collecting some charts for the lakes at the lock office. Say 5nm.

Saturday 20th July

Trollhatten to Lãcko Castle, anchorage S of St Eken Island in Lake Vennern. Very quiet and beautiful place where we swam in hot sun and had a nice BBQ in the sunset. 11 hours, but long delays at bridges between Trollhatten and the Lake, so we did not reach the lake until nearly 4 hours later.  Sailed for 7 hours in light winds. About 35nm.

Sunday 21st July.

Sailed to Honseter village with Animal feed plants. Marianne and Borre leave the boat at return home to Norway by train. Karen and I sail on later to Mariestad  (still on lake Vennern) where we anchor alongside after a hot sunny sail in swimsuits! 4 hours sailing in all, perhaps 16nm. Mariestad has an interesting Cathedral which we visit.

Monday 22nd July.

Sail from Mariestad to Sjotorp at the start of the Gota canal in fine weather and light northerly wind. This takes about 2.5 hours, say 12nm. Gunnar and Poula board at 1630 and we go up 2 locks and moor alongside a nice dutch boat with couple on board at the top of the locks.

Tuesday 23rd July.

Canal from Sjotorp to Toreboda. About 9 hours and 10 mins, but with a long rest at Hagstorp where we were held up for about 2 hours due to broken bridge. 10.4nm and 19 locks! But another day of fine hot and sunny weather.

Wednesday 24th July.

Torboda to Karlsborg. 6 hours 20 mins after 20 min wait at rail bridge. Passed a CA member in ‘Free Destination’. Discovered later that this belongs to Mr Charles Norris, ( 26 miles and only two locks, but includes beautiful Lake Viken! Another very fine sunny and hot day.

Thursday 25th July.

Lake Vättern: Karlsborg to  Charlottenborg, just above Borenshult at the W end of Lake Boren. About 19.5 miles. 5 hrs 45 mins. Some thunder and rain. Met Latvian varnished boat Polaris (Riga) that we had seen in Lake Vattern. Enjoyed the small local museums. Karen and I have a small rainy swim in the canal.

Friday 26th July

Charlottenberg to Berg via lakes Boren. 19 nm. 8 hours 10 mins including waits.  Moor alongside in Berg, close to Latvian boat, where Karen and I enjoy a ‘wee dram’ later. The captain is, and he has an interesting crew.

Saturday 27th July

Berg to Söderkoping, 26.5nm. Via Lake Roxen. Many locks. Met Sea Pilgrim en route (Mrs Anne Charles, Datchworth, CA member:  Also got mooring help from David and Jennifer Brisker of Amphion (, also CA members, in Söderkoping, where the bow too moorings are too close together, and too short for long boats.

This part of the summer cruise ends on Sunday 28th July, when Gunnar, Poula, Karen and I disembark and return to Denmark together, leaving the boat on a fore and aft mooring by ‘Farmor’s Café’.


Distance Sailed. 298.4 nm.

64 locks on the Trollhatten and Gota canals.

Two weeks.

Approx 165 Litres Deisel.

Second Part of the Summer Cruise. From Soderkoping, E Sweden to Skive, Jutland, DK., Saturday 18 August to Tuesday 3 September.


I return to Aldarion from Norway by train on Friday, 17 August. On return there is a note waiting, stuck to the hatch. It is from David Leigh on the yachy Sahula, CA member (, who noticed that the stern mooring buoy on the port side had gauged a scar on my paint, through to the wood. I patched this with strong fuller, and painted it as best I could.

Sat. 17th August

David Gundry, Gill Stowell and David Hilton join the boat in morning and early pm. I do shopping which DG supplements. We cast off about 1530 and exit the locks and canal to Mem, where we blow up the dinghy and pay the supplementary charges for staying at Soderkoping for extra days (1000KR). We leave MEM at 1830 and drop anchor between Lilla Holman and the pier. A fine evening, sunset, swans, and a quiet night. About 12nm in all.

Sunday, 18th August

We decide to set off early and breakfast en route. Anchor up 0730, sun. Engine on, as we have a long way, the intention being to reach Visby on Gotland tonight. We note a 15m bridge on the south east Skagerrak route and have to go NE to round the dangers. The glass starts falling, and the wind rises against us, heading us N of Gotland, and implying long tacks. Waves short and steep, and wind rising to F5-6, perhaps 7 in gusts. We discuss and decide to sail south west to the anchorage I had planned if we had taken the Skagerrak route. We anchor at Ekteholm (58,09.9N, 016,56.3E) at 2015 and put a mooring warp ashore. The heating goes on to dry us all out and we enjoy a good meal of Swedish meat balls and a good wine. The evening and night are peaceful in this beautiful small anchorage. Difficult to estimate distance sailed, but must have been 50 nm.

Monday, 19th August

We decide to abandon hope of reaching Gotland given the forecast easteries, and instead take the inner leads through the Skagerrak which turns out to be the right decision – we had a lovely quiet sail south in light winds, departing lazily around 1040. At 1640 we head in to Lofthammer (57,46.3N, 016, 52.6E) and arrive shortly after  at this perfectly sheltered marina. We enjoy some beer ashore and do some shopping. A great dinner, and relaxing evening. An eight hour sail at 4-5 kts, or 40 nm.

Tuesday, 20th August

We continued the sail south through the Skagerrak in light S winds and sun, departing at 0745 and arriving at 1900 hrs in a very beautiful and quiet anchorage in the basin between Stor Kingero and Grytso islands, 57,20.1N, 016,34.8E. About 45nm. A peaceful night after another gourmet dinner.

Wednesday, 21st August

Another perfect morning, and we raise anchor and leave under sail at 0900, aiming to reach Kalmar which we arrive at 1730 and find plenty of space to moor alongside, close to the large US yacht “Bear” which has a large family aboard, all of who are suffering from nits in the hair! Another peaceful night, with a fine sunset. About 40nm.

Thursday, 22nd August

Today is mostly devoted to sightseeing the old walled town and castle at Kalmar, as well as some shopping. We cast off at 1630 and have a short but sweet evening sail to an isolated and rather open anchorage in Skarnholmarna, Kolboda, some 12nm south of Kalmar.  A very tricky entrance, but marked with port and starboard buoys. A nice quiet evening with a wonderful sunset.

Friday, 23rd August

A very quiet and pleasant night at anchor. We set off early-ish at 0810 in a 3kt NW to W wind which shortly rises to 4.5 kts and goes NE.  Mostly F3-4 from  NE for the rest of the southerly sail out to Utklippen, a remote and rocky island with a lighthouse. Moor alongside by 1725. Roughly 48nm.  ‘Bear’ also arrives here.

Saturday 24th August

Cast off at 0830 after a fine night, wind NE ¾. We set 5 sails again and head for Christiansø, a small Danish island, formerly a fort, NE of Bornholm. We moor alongside at 1600 after a fast sail averaging around 6kts. 45nm. We have time to walk around this beautiful island, formerly a naval outpost. We also enjoy a beer together in the local inn (which has about 5 beds available!).  Good facilities. We listen for the special bell frogs, and see lots of frogs, but the bells are not ringing presumably because it is not mating season.

Sunday 25th August

Yet another fine sunny morning. We set sail at 0900, heading for Allinge at the NE end of Bornholm in a N of E wind F2-3. We arrive 1210 after a lumpy entrance in a rising NE wind, and tie up alongside (next to an ice cream kiosk). We hire bikes and head for a sightseeing tour, taking in the Lighthouse at Hammar Odde, the ancient castle at Hammeren, and the round church.  We shop. We ate dinner out at a nice restaurant in a fish smoker. Lots of eat including smoked herring and eel! About 15nm.

Monday 26th August

We cast off at 0810 after a fine night. The wind has dropped over night and we have an easy exit. We set 3 sails with wind rising to F3-4. We cross the TSS at more or less right angles – there are many ships passing in to the Baltic We get a better wind and speed and decide to moor in the small harbour at Abbekås, Skane, S Sweden. Moor at 1500. We cleaned the boat, washed clothes, and had a great Moroccan meal (see Aldarion’s cookbook!)! 40 nm.

Tuesday 27th August

We cast off at 0830 in a light E wind and sun. Setting sails. We wait one hour for the bridge to open at the Falsterbro canal. We moor north of the bridge at 1610 to get some bread and milk from Annas Bakery (5 mins walk). We depart again at around 1710, and head out of the channel. We moor at the marina in Klagshamn, Sweden at 1815 and enjoy another fine warm evening with a beautiful sunset.  BBQ and supper al fresco. About 30nm.

Wednesday 28th August

Cast off 0815 and head for Copenhagen on engine, it being almost dead calm. Call in a couple of marinas N of the town to get Deisel, eventually finding it in a rather fancy harbour, Tuborgs hamn. Decide to head back to the centre of town – where we moor alongside in the perfect setting of Christianshamn, right in the middle of the old city and just past the Admiral Hotel on the other side of the main channel. David and Gill prepare to leave the boat, and go to find their hotel. David and John shop, and hand wash sheets pillows duvet covers and towels for the crew change, hanging them up on the sheets to dry. We recover from shopping with a nice beer at an excellent café/restaurant close to the boat on Strandgata. We have seven for dinner as Rona joins us later in the evening, and Carsten and Annette join us all, while David and Gill also join for dinner and sad farewells. We have a steak and barley salad, Moro style, and lots of wine. About 25nm.

Thursday 29th August

Another sunny start, but with high clouds coming in from the west. A change in the weather is forecast with winds going west. We cast off at 0915 and head north up Oresund, a perfect place to sail. The glass starts to fall, but rather slowly at 1130. We pass Helsingore castle (Elsinore in ‘Hamlet’) at around 1200, and turn as far west as we can to crawl up the NE coast of Zeeland.  Rising WSW wind. We tack, and go rather slowly to wind. Moored in the N harbour of Zeeland, Gilleleje, at 1730.

Friday 30th August

Cast off mooring at 0800 to go and get fresh fish at the fish shop near the fishing harbour. Very nice fresh scallops, plaice and etc bought by Rona and David. Then set off for Anholt with a good wind from SW, F3 rising later to F5. Moored alongside in Anholt at 1700 after a good sail at 6-7 kts.  53 nm. Passed the new marine wind farm to the south west of Anholt. A great fish supper!

Saturday 31st August

0750 Engine on and cast off. Forecast rather unfavourable West 3. Four sails set, and sailing well and more or less on target for Hals to start with, but increasingly headed north of target in strengthening winds, rising to F7. Eventually tacking with engine in heavy seas and head wind. A lot of sea on the decks! Reduce sail and take in a reef in the main 1100.  Moored in Hals 1900, welcomed by Karen who joins us aboard. A nice supper and evening together, getting dried out and warmed with the central heating and canopy up! Strong winds at night from West, so decide to take a rest day in Hals on Sunday 1 September, when no boats leave harbour or arrive! Days sail is 48nm. Direct, without tacks. I estimate about 70nm with tacks.

Monday 2 September

0930 Cast off, head for Aalborg. Wind lighter but still West and F5, so only making about 4kts on full power and sometimes less. Arrive Aalborg harbour to west of bridges about 1430, and moor on windward wall with difficulty. Rona and David and Karen prepare to disembark. Great sadness after good sailing and companionship etc. Kristian Ebdrup arrives to crew to Nibe. Good to have him on board, and we catch up on the restoration of his old Hallburg-Raasay. Cast off 1540, and motor then sail to Nibe. Slow to start with but when start going south towards nibe get good wind, and sail at 5-6 kts. Moor at Nibe, where Lasse and Birthe have cooked supper on their boat, which we thankfully receive! Kristian disembarks. 29 nm

Tuesday 3 September

0800 Birthe Ebdrup joins crew. cross to Deisel and fill tanks.

0840 cast off and head for Skive. Light winds in face, but set sail after Logstor and have a good sail in W wind down to Skive.

1640 Moored Skive, where we are met by Gunnar and Poula!. Lasse, Ola, Birthe and I have dinner together. Joined by Lars and Helle for a drink. All disembark. Total of 32nm.

I spend Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 September, cleaning boat, covering sails, packing dinghy, washing ropes and deck and cockpit and small repair and painting jobs.

The detailed Log is in the logbook, from which this is derived.

Signed: John Marshall Bryden, Owner/Skipper, Aldarion.

5 September 2013


Distance Sailed

First Part, Skive to Soderkoping: 299 nautical miles

Second Part, Soderkoping to Skive: 534 nautical miles

Total: 833 nautical miles.



Engine hours at finish: 1290.0

Engine hours at start:   1130.0

Total engine hours;       160.0 of which 81.4 hours from Skive to MEM (includes Trollhatten and Gota Canals), and 78.6 hours from MEM to Skive.

Fuel and Gas

Fuel at start: Aft and Stbd tanks full:

Added 52Litres at Laeso, tanks full

Added 59 Litres at Höistar, tanks full

Added 80Litres at Nosholm, tanks full

Added 120 Litres at Toborg Marina, Copenhagen. Tanks full.

Added 84 Litres at Nibe, Jutland. Tanks Full.

Total Fuel use: 395 Litres. (Includes some central heating)

A little over 2 Litres per hour of motoring or motor sailing.

Gas used: started with one partly used tank of propane, and added a new tank in Goteborg. Ended with one empty and one party used tank.

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