Old Sailing memories and pics!

JB on Dramamine off Tortola, 1969

JB on ‘our first real boat’, an old wooden fishing sloop in Tortola, 1969, when we were working there for a bit less than a year. We slept aboard under a canvas thrown over the boom! ‘Dramamine’ (also the name of a seasickness pill at the time!) appeared on a Virgin Islands stamp, also in 1969!

jb with rory, tia and tanera on colena

JB with Rory, Tia and Tanera on Colena, a 1936 Gaff Ketch built by Dickies of Tarbert in the mid 1930s and used as a hospital ship for Islay-Jura  in WW2. A fine strong teak planked yacht, but a bit leaky on the deck!

tia on colena c1982

Tia on Colena, about 1983.

colena at pier, lochaline, c1981

Colena against the Peir, Lochaline. Lochaline Mine Engineer Jimmy Cruickshank was always very helpful in this manoeuvre! He also liked to sail Colena, and crewed to the Clyde as well on several occasions. Other guests I remember fondly include Richard and Marion Wilson, David and Rona Gundry, Keith Hart, John and Bridget MacDonald, but I am sure there were many others!

John sailing rio bay

OK I only got to sail in Rio Bay once! This is with the famous Sugar Loaf behind in Nov 2011.

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